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FMEA - What it is and how it works

A brief overview of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, with an example and explanation.

What is Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - FMEA? PM in Under 5

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (or FMEA) is a powerful methodology that comes from the domain of manufacturing and the toolset of Six Sigma. But it is also a valuable addition to any Project Manager's toolset.

So, what is Failure Mode and Effects Analysis?

Here, Dr Mike Clayton, founder of, answers this question, in under 5 minutes.

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FMEA: How To Perform a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Tutorial FMEA is an acronym for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. This video tutorial will teach you what is a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, when to use FMEA, and show you a template available with SigmaXL software. \r
The goal of FMEA is to identify, quantify, evaluate and prioritize risk in a process. The risk may be present due to human error, or a lack of controls in an computer process. Ultimately, we want to reduce the possiblility of the risk negatively impacting the customer or an employee. It is important to track your risk assessment in your DMAIC project and ensure that the implemented solution addresses possible failure modes. Your control plan should include actions to take if risk is detected. Video presented by Lean Six Sigma Source (\r
(failure mode and effects analysis)\r
(statistical software)




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