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2020년 2월에 변경되는 Cisco 자격증 체계의 이해(CCNA)

2020년 2월 24일에 변경되는 Cisco 자격증 체계에 대한 설명입니다.

CCNA (OT. 강의소개 및 CCNA 시험의 특징)

네트워크개론과 실습
640-801 CCNA 대비

01 - CCNA 200-301 - Exam Preparation - Part 1

Q17 correct answer: B
Q18 correct answer: D
Q19 correct answer: B,E
Q24: if enable password and enable secret are used, the enable secret always takes precedence

In this series, you will get to know how does the CCNA exam looks like,
what might you see in the exam, how to answer, make use of time,
which types of questions you might see, and more,

series link:

in every video there will be 25 question discussed, hopefully to prepare you
the best before taking the online exam,

slides used in the video:

parts will keep updating,

PLEASE NOTICE, that it is expected first to study the complete exam course,
before starting here,

The Complete English CCNA 200-301 Course is in the link below:


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